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We are pleased that you have chosen our practice.

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz is one of the world’s leading biological dentists performing immediate ceramic implants and cavitation surgery. Patients come to our clinic from all over the world.

Our current wait list at DNA HEALTH&AESTHETICS is 2-3 months.

In special situations, appointments within 2-3 weeks are possible after you have been put on our waiting list.

In order to offer you an appointment as soon as possible, we need your current digital panoramic image, a completed medical history questionnaire as well as your current vitamin D3 and LDL bloodwork.

Vitamin D3 must already be above 30ng/ml and please understand that you need to be flexible with your travel plans.

As soon as your documents are received (ideally via email), we will prepare a non-binding preliminary plan for your overall situation as soon as possible, with further explanations of the procedure(s) involved.

Please send all the information to

We are looking forward to your visit.

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