Dr. Dominik Nischwitz is Specialist in Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants, founding member and current President of the ISMI – International Society of Metal-free Implantology.

Together with his father he founded the DNA Health&Aesthetics – Center for Biological Dentistry in Tübingen/Germany in 2015.

As international speaker, he regularly gives lectures worldwide in order to establish consistent biological dentistry as the next level of dentistry and has recently published his first book “IN ALLER MUNDE” at Mosaik Verlag. Written for the laymen it was almost initially put on the best seller list and will be published under Chelsea Green for the US market in early 2020.
Together with Dr. Ulrich Volz, he initiated the Curriculum for Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants in 2016.
After studying dentistry at the Eberhardt-Karls University of Tübingen in 2008, he worked for two years under Dr. Dr. Manfred Wolf to learn oral surgery from scratch.
Since 2013 he exclusively uses ceramic implants and has placed more than 3000 ceramic implants up to this date. In addition to his surgical work, his passion for the last 15 years has been optimal health and performance, nutrition and competitive sports.
Consequently he developed the FOOD DESIGN CONCEPT, the BONE HEALING PROTOCOL as well as several intravenous nutritional treatments and is the founder of the company Bioaesthetics and the expert behind the formulations for the SUPZ/SUPZ INSIDE supplement line.
On August 18th 2018 he opened his first health food concept store – JUICERY THE STORE – in his hometown Tübingen.