A-PRF Duo Zentrifuge

Creating biological tissue in the practice Choukroun A-PRF™

Creating biological tissue in the practice Choukroun A-PRF™ is the simplest way of using natural regeneration to make biological tissue: Here, a small amount of blood is removed from the patient and centrifuged. This results in a suspension with a highly concentrated fraction of blood plates (thrombocytes). These blood plates contain the information required to form new tissue. After 15 minutes, the membrane is ready for insertion. Choukroun A-PRF™ technology is 100% autologous and is therefore completely biocompatible.

Entnahme des Koagulats

Together with ozone therapy, it is a key part of all surgical procedures in our practice and is used after tooth extraction, in implants, for bone formation and as an insert following NICO removal. The regeneration of bones and soft tissue is phenomenal when the body’s own membranes are used.

The idea:

When the human body is injured, it helps itself by producing proteins that accelerate wound healing. This process is also used when producing natural tissue – these proteins and growth factors from the patient’s own blood are isolated by means of centrifugation and are then used to accelerate healing.

What makes it special:

The matrix gained using the method PRF (platelet rich fibrin) contains proteins as well as many white blood cells that store important information for tissue formation – an important advantage during the healing process of the tissue to be regenerated.

The benefit:

The treatment is completely natural and only 100% autologous material is used. This allows the tissue to be regenerated to heal or be replaced without additives such as anticoagulants.

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