Keramikimplantate Biologische Zahnmedizin

“It has never been a good idea to leave a dead organ in the body.”

Diseased teeth can cause severe chronic illnesses – but up to now, removing them had adverse effects: Loss of bone and gingiva, esthetics, comfort, time, money and self-confidence. Biological dentistry uses ceramic implants made of zirconia. Zirconia is an electrically neutral, biocompatible ceramic without any kind of interruption field characteristic. Compared to gray titanium, it is metal-free and highly esthetic due to its white color. 

Ceramic implants offer a combination of outstanding biocompatibility and perfect esthetics. Zirconia implants have also recently become available as two-piece screw-retained implants for all indications. At the Center for Biological Dentistry, we prefer the Short Cut Concept (SCC) according to Dr. Volz. The unique thread design of the single-piece ceramic implants from SDS generally allows removed teeth to be replaced immediately, even the teeth at the back of the mouth. And temporary restorations are almost always possible with stable and esthetic polymer crowns. Your benefit: In most cases, they are ready for use on the same day.

What makes ceramic implants from SDS so attractive and pleasant: They meet the highest requirements in terms of compatibility, health and esthetics. Whether you suffer from a titanium allergy or general discomfort with metal in your body, we suggest a metal-free solution – the choice material is highly esthetic white ceramic implants made of the high-quality biocompatible material zirconia from SDS.

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