Keramikimplantate Biologische Zahnmedizin

“It has never been a good idea to leave a dead organ in the body.”

Diseased teeth can cause severe chronic illnesses – but up to now, removing them had adverse effects: Loss of bone and gingiva, esthetics, comfort, time, money and self-confidence. Biological dentistry uses ceramic implants made of zirconia. Zirconia is an electrically neutral, biocompatible ceramic without any kind of interruption field characteristic. Compared to gray titanium, it is metal-free and highly esthetic due to its white color.

Ceramic implants offer a combination of outstanding biocompatibility and perfect esthetics. Zirconia implants have also recently become available as two-piece screw-retained implants for all indications. At the Center for Biological Dentistry, we prefer the Short Cut Concept (SCC) according to Dr. Volz. The unique thread design of the single-piece ceramic implants from SDS generally allows removed teeth to be replaced immediately, even the teeth at the back of the mouth. And temporary restorations are almost always possible with stable and esthetic polymer crowns. Your benefit: In most cases, they are ready for use on the same day.

What makes ceramic implants from SDS so attractive and pleasant: They meet the highest requirements in terms of compatibility, health and esthetics. Whether you suffer from a titanium allergy or general discomfort with metal in your body, we suggest a metal-free solution – the choice material is highly esthetic white ceramic implants made of the high-quality biocompatible material zirconia from SDS.


The problem at the root: dead teeth do not belong in the mouth.

Most people’s own teeth do not last their whole lives. They have to be treated more often with increasing age, often down to the root of the tooth. But root-treated teeth are dead teeth that do not belong in the mouth. It has been proven that there is a connection between chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and disease-causing dead teeth.

There is no perfect root filling, and the affected teeth are often infested by bacteria. These can cause massive damage to health – not only in the mouth, but throughout the entire body.

At this point our modern implant technology comes into play: Because it is permanently healthier to remove a disease-causing tooth and replace it with tissue-friendly implants. A single implant can be placed or several implants can be used to create a complete, firm set of teeth.

For this we use the latest implants from Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS), which have been developed from a material that has been stable, neutral and compatible for decades: the high-performance ceramic zirconium oxide.

Zirconium oxide meets the highest demands in terms of compatibility, health and aesthetics. It is completely metal-free and 100 percent biocompatible.


We believe in biological dentistry with ceramic implants and in treatments without antibiotics.

Moreover we give you back your most beautiful smile – and attach great importance to your health, not only in the mouth, but in the whole body. The use of the latest ceramic implants from SDS is fast, gentle and usually without us having to administer antibiotics. Because we have specialised in biological dentistry that does not require any chemical medication.

The implants are suitable for every condition and are perfectly adapted to the jaws of our patients. In addition, we require only a minimal number of sessions, and the regeneration of the dental tissue is much faster than before thanks to it’s perfect tissue compatibility. This not only saves you a lot of time and money: the implants can be fully used after just a few weeks.


A perfect white that is easy to care for.

The ceramic implants from SDS are completely white and come very close to the natural tooth color. Even if the covering gums are thin or receding in some places, the implant remains completely white – ideal for use in the front teeth area. Because ceramic allows completely new and effective structures of its surfaces, the formation of bacteria or plaque and thus the risk of gum inflammation is significantly reduced – the risk of inflammation is even lower than with your own teeth. And your smile is at least as beautiful.


Immediate Implantation with Ceramic Implants – Our Favourite Method

In our practice, we prefer immediate implant placement with ceramic implants according to the Short Cut Concept (SCC) by Dr. Ulrich Volz whenever possible. This means that the implant is inserted immediately after removal of the tooth. Only immediate implant placement can largely preserve the existing bone and soft tissue, which would otherwise be lost during healing. Immediate implantation also saves you additional surgical procedures, pain, swelling and, of course, time and costs.

Correct adherence to the surgical protocol is crucial for the success of the treatment. Zirconium implants need particular attention paid to the thorough cleaning and disinfection of the surgical area, as unlike titanium implants, they only heal into completely healthy bone. This protocol includes orthomolecular support with vitamins and nutrients (Bone Healing Protocol according to Dr. Dominik Nischwitz) in advance and local disinfection with ozone and neural therapy.

At least 14 days before the planned surgery, it is essential to take the nutrients according to the Bone Healing Protocol. Patients suffering from HPU have an even greater need here. Optional immunological support can be provided by intravenous vitamins and minerals. In most cases, antibiotics aren’t needed this way.


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