There have been many scientific studies proving the cytotoxic, immunological and carcinogenic effects as well as negative effects on the metabolism from different metals such as mercury, gold, platinum, copper, cobalt, aluminum, iron and chrome. Metal components can generally be detected throughout the whole body a few days after it has entered through the mouth.
There are three different types of effects caused by metals:

The toxicity of the material: Highly toxic amalgam in particular plays a critical role here. The ionized heavy metals it contains – mercury, copper, tin and silver – bond to sulfurous proteins, enzymes, cofactors and cell membranes (sulfhydryl groups). This covalent bond completely blocks, for example, the function of an enzyme. In addition, metal ions from all dental alloys dissolve in the watery environment (saliva) and corrode. In fact, it could be said that they rust. Furthermore it causes current flow.

The immunological component: No dental metal has a function in the human body. Almost every metal is a foreign body for the body’s immune system and can therefore trigger an allergy. This is an individual process and completely independent of the amount or number of metal crowns, inlays or implants. The cell forms antibodies to the metal or the bond between the metal and cell (hapten effect), which plays a significant role in the development of autoimmune diseases such as MS, Hashimoto’s thyreoiditis etc.

The electrical component: In an era of cellphone signals, WiFi, radar and various private networks, we are inevitably subjected to a wide variety of frequencies and electromagnetic radiation. This causes the metal restorations and titanium implants in the oral cavity to act as small antennas with transmitters and receivers that could disrupt our sensitive nervous system. The radiation is strengthened in an unregulated way, which can result in the heating of the surrounding tissue. The effects on the body are therefore uncontrollable. Different materials with different effects on the body.

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